The Octopus is a foam sculpture...for sale!!!
indoor and outdoor murals
Elks Club, Loveland, Colorado
Click the YOUTUBE link for a tour of Mo Betta Gumbo
Mural for the Elks Lodge in Loveland Colorado
notice the 3D leaves, and there is a metallic hint in the background
mouse mural
Murals are fun, even on windows!
The finished gate: Thanx to Becky, Brandy, Linda, and all who helped on it!
The Chinese Gate was finished this year, 2008. To see it:
 L&M Garden Center is on Highway 56 east of Berthoud between Berthoud and I25.
Make sure you see all of their Asian Furniture, gifts and of course plants and trees.
To go to their website:

original gate in China click to enlarge
first pole finished!! Click to enlarge
The poles are done!! click to enlarge
back of 'horseshoe' beam, can't wait to see the front!!!!
detail on back of 'horseshoe' beam
backside is done!!!
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Feel free to contact me at to see what I could do for you or someone you love!
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Ocean Room
Jungle Room
Hippy Room
This is in Greeley Colorado
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100' X 8' mural in Johnstown, Co

murals start at $10 per sq ft. plus travel, lodging and materials.

this mural was done right after the trade center bombings, I was proud to be part of the patriotism!!!

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