Fence Painting
Mural on Glass
I do black and white watercolor dogs for $30 for an 11x15....plus shipping, great original Christmas present
some of the many windows
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check out  art2ya on facebook, that is where the bulk of my daily work is found.  Also, I can communicate with you from there or on email

No pressure if you want to ask questions!!

watercolor lily
my latest watercolor

I have a rare, blessed life. I get to use what I've been given and it doesn't seem like work.  I am half advertiser, half artist. Take your time, ask questions, there is never a charge for questions!  Click on most of the photos and they will enlarge.

I have been painting for over 30 years and each project is new and different and challanging!

Enjoy, and contact me, Cindy at art2ya@comcast.net

My watercolor gals in Black and white

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Neil's Wolf, commissioned painting
The Chinese Gate Finished 2008 see Murals page for details

This site is full of pictures, each one has been done for someone, or maybe it was done for you or your business. Take time to let the pictures load. Thanx for visiting, come back soon, this site changes often.


check out the 'Murals' page!!!

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30 years of painting the Front Range! I started and still do window painting, it evolved into murals and oil paintings also. Look around, if you like what you see you can contact me at cindy@art2ya.com or art2ya@comcast.net.

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